Helping Hands

                                Internet Checks
goldstarbullet1 Quick, Simple and Safe way to send tithes/offerings
goldstarbullet1 Only your checking account number is needed
goldstarbullet1 No credit cards or postage required
goldstarbullet1 Fully Tax Deductible
goldstarbullet1 Receipt sent immediately via e-mail

Click Here to send your tithes/offerings now by check

Q: Are Internet checks safe?  I am concerned about sending my checking account number.
A: Internet checks are perhaps even safer than U.S. Mail.  The service, uses 128 bit encryption to secure each transaction.  Many thieves steal checks from mailboxes.  Remember whenever you send a check by mail or give a check in person, the same checking account number and banking information that you give on the Internet is on the check.  You are doing nothing more than giving the info that is on the check and all portions of the transaction are secured.

Click here for additional security information.

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